Review your Quality Control Data with Peers

CueSee® Compare is a simple way to review your quality control data with peers by use of statistical and graphical presentations.

Previous Versions
Your data will be anonymous
from other users.
All users share data
to improve patient care.
Work cohesively as a team
by delegating responsibilities.
A streamlined process to
add and analyze data.
Periodical statistical reports
to compare data with peers.
Customization of reports
is offered on request.

How does CueSee® Compare work?

After signing up and logging in, you just need to follow three basic steps: specify the tests you use, enter your data and run summary reports!

Who can use CueSee® Compare

This service is available for all Eurotrol customers.
Hospital laboratories and POCT sites collating internal and external Quality Control data
Organizers of Proficiency Testing (PT) / External Quality Assessment Schemes (EQAS)
Commercial organizations that manufacture, distribute or utilize IVD products, such as diagnostic instruments and QC materials
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